La Prairie

Vintage Prairie Skirt | Urban Outfitters Crop Top

My mind has been racing lately. I’ve never wrote so much in my journal before. I can actually say that I have never truly and honestly listened to my feelings before…and that is sad. I’m so grateful that I’m aware of it now, but I owe it to my journal. If you don’t keep a journal, I highly recommend you do! HIGHLY.

This prairie skirt is a hand-me-down vintage gem that turns any outfit into something more free-spirited and feminine. Pair this with a distressed t-shirt and you still emit a sweet & salty vibe. I decided to keep this outfit in it’s unique feminine charm and paired it with an unsymmetrical lace-y crop top from Urban. Super feminine, makes me want to attend a tea party now…who is down?

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Photo Diary: Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico


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