A Growth Spurt

Apart of my recent growth spurt (I’m talking mental, not height), I started hand-writing down allll of my feelings and thoughts. I’ve always heard about the whole “writing things down” but I’ve never given it a real try. When I would get worried or stressed, I wrote down what I was worried or stressed about…but that’s it. I’m starting to actually “write things down” and elaborate and why I feel that way, how, or what I can do about it. With this, I can’t stop writing and sometimes it takes up my entire day. What a great invention or practice or whatever you call it…writing. I can’t believe I never tried it for real.

So, I am here! I’m human and I have a lot of problems sometimes (because we all do…), but I am aware and I only aim to better myself. And that is what this blog is here for: to become the best version of myself and to inspire, motivate, and help YOU become the best version of yourself, on the inside and out.

Enjoy, thank you for reading, and I will see you soon!

♥ Nicole


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