The Importance of Sleeping Naked

There is not a better, more free¬†feeling in the world than being naked and letting your body breathe! I love it and I do it as much as I can! Amazing things happen to your body and mind when you sleep. It’s important to let your body do it’s thing, and simply taking off your pajamas and sleeping naked is the one of the most effective practices to let it!

Our bodies sleep better with a slightly lower body temperature. This is a reasoning why you’re more comfortable sleeping with AC rather than sleeping in a hot room, or why you want to stay in bed longer when it’s chilly in the morning. In contrast, when we wake up in sweat, most of the time we will want to get OUT of bed. When you do wake up in sweat, your body is too hot! This is when the cortisol and melatonin levels rise.

Cortisol is a “stress hormone”. If our levels get too high, it can wake us up, cause nightmares, increase anxiety, welcome weight gain, and even affect our growth and hormones. Our growth hormones are released during our sleep, contributing to growth and muscle development. Our melatonin hormone is what regulates our sleeping cycles and prevents aging. When your body heats up, it can prevent this hormone from working properly. So, sleeping naked is the biggest factor into lowering our body temperatures so we can balance the cortisol and melatonin levels.

For men, sperm is produced healthier with a slightly lower body temperature. For women, wearing no clothes in bed (or ever) allows your body to breathe, particularly your pussy! It can help prevent infections and stronger smells down there.

Here are some more benefits of sleeping naked:

  1. You don’t have to buy more pajamas!
  2. It can make you feel more free and happier!
  3. If you sleep with a partner, skin-on-skin contact releases oxytocin which can help with bonding and a better sex life!
  4. You don’t have to worry about buttons digging into your skin or shirts twisting when you sleep!

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