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Goodbye Warmth

fall outfit

fall style

Turtleneck Sweater: Vintage | Skirt: H&M | Boots: Vintage

I’m embracing the last days of 40 degree weather (which is considered warm in New Jersey winter) so here I am in a skirt. I’m very excited for winter though, despite summer being my favorite season. Nothing beats cuddling up with a blanket and eating gluten-free cookies while watching award shows. Winter is such a perfect time to really get creative and start new projects. I hate the negativity that’s associated with winter somehow, when it’s such a positive time and a butt-kicker to get creative and DO!

How cool are these boots, by the way? I scored them at a vintage shop not too long ago and they go with everything. I’m looking forward to wearing these with my bell bottoms mostly!

Christmas Outfit of the Day

Ahh yes, ’tis the season. Here’s my outfit of the day this Christmas Eve dinner featuring some cool ass vintage wide leg pants. Something about wide leg pants makes you feel so cool, don’t they? I hope you guys had a marvelous holiday! My dinner was full of gluten-free pasta with clams, beef brasciole, and my homemade healthy vegan chocolate chip cookies that I hope to post the recipe for soon!