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if i went to college

Skirt: American Apparel | Boots: Zara | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

♪ listening to Synkro – Acceptance

This outfit brings some serious cheerleader vibes, right?

I was feeling a little blue earlier in the week, because I felt a weak spot on my part. Ever since I made the decision not to attend college, I’ve been faced with some pretty judgmental people who just simply bring you down. Usually I just brush it off, stay positive, and stick to what I’m doing but I guess I let some things get to my head and eventually, my mood. To all of the people who don’t approve of my decisions (not that I need anybody’s approval anyway): here is my “fuck you” college outfit hahaha.

Peace, love, and always do you.

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the basket bag

Top: Free People | Skirt: Brandy Melville | Sandals: Vintage | Basket Bag: Etsy

Yeah, I’ve been carrying around this baby everywhere ever since I got it. Ready for it? It is: the basket bag. The Birkin basket. A wicker bag. Whatever you may call it. I’ve been into those Parisian feels in my style lately. I love the feminine and independent vibes it gives off! Just call me Jane Birkin.

We went to Chelsea Market for lunch because Michael has been craving those organic tacos and grass-fed burgers from the shops in the market (so was I…). Truth be told, we stuffed our face with fresh oysters, lobster rice, lobster mac n cheese, tacos, sushi, and a good ol’ root beer float.

a mood changer


Top & Shorts: Urban Outfitters | Hat: United Way? Lol. | Sneakers: Converse

Jeeez it’s about time I did another outfit post!

Michael and I spent our glorious Thursday afternoon hiking. He was the one who got all sweaty, I was the one who “low-key hiked” with minimal sweating. And of course I needed a cute outfit for it! Lmao. But seriously, I only put this hat on because I was way too lazy to brush my hair. That’s what hats are for, right? However, now it’s nighttime and I still haven’t brushed my hair.

I can’t remember the last time we hiked. We are always outdoors and we always try to be, but we haven’t been in the actual forest in forever! It was so nice to inhale the chlorophyll. We were both pretty cranky before we went, but after an hour spent in there, it was a total mood changer! They say being in nature is an anti-depressant itself. Nature, and cashews. My faves 🙂

Also, isn’t Michael getting so good at the whole photography thing? I’m so proud of him. And also really, really, really grateful that he stops his run through the forest to take my photos. He’s da best.