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ballerina days feat. my fall 2017 music playlist

Skirt: American Apparel | Shoes: Asos

♪ listening to Nirvana – My Girl (Where Did You Sleep Last Night?) ♪

I’m enjoying these final moments of hot hot 80 degree summer weather before the f word rolls in…you know–fall. I bought the famous AA white tennis skirt but I really didn’t know how to style it that matched my personal style. But I finally found this old super pale pink cami and thought it looked ultra feminine. I love it and I feel like a ballerina in it for some reason? Maybe it’s the bun?

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, here is my playlist and fave music picks for the upcoming season…I hope you have Spotify 🙂

Fall Fashion Wishlist

It’s the end of August but I don’t care. I couldn’t be more excited for fall, so here are 7 things I’m lusting after for this upcoming season [under $200]…

1. Baker Boy Hat from Asos for $26

2. Leopard Dress from the Reformation for $198

3. Military Green Jeans from the Reformation for $118

4. Suede Shearling Jacket from Zara for $129

5. Sateen Kimono from Zara for $79

6. Fringe & Colorful Earrings from Zara for $19

7. Red Leather Pointed Toe Boots from Topshop for $160

How excited are you for fall? What trends are you looking forward to most?

a hydrangea

Overalls: Topshop | Shirt: H&M | Heels: Asos | Bag: Urban Outfitters

♪ listening to La La Land Soundtrack (lol) – Epilogue ♪
If I could put in to words what this past week has been like….

I had 2 super super big auditions for hit tv shows last week. Life changers for a struggling NYC actress #me. One was a self-tape audition — I spent about 6 hours prepping and filming it. I put in a lot of work with that and I was super happy about the result. My next one was an in-person audition. Yep, butterflies, extreme nervousness and shaking, almost feeling like throwing up. I prepped for an entire day beforehand.

So now, I wait. Or not wait. My boyfriend says I shouldn’t wait, and I agree but I can’t help it. If you’re an actor, you should have the skill of being able to not wait. Unfortunately, I guess I don’t have that skill. I have been sitting down obsessing with this role. I check my email and phone constantly to see if I have a callback or if I got the part. I binge watched the entire tv show. I’ve stepped away from blogging and making youtube videos and posting on social media because all I can think about is if I will get the role or not. It’s true — I’ve gone crazy.

This is something I want so bad. Something that I would literally do anything for. Here I am, trying to get my ass of the floor because it’s only making me obsessive, crazy, and depressed. It’s hard to get out of this addiction and obsessive mindset but there is a lil’ QOTD that gets me some perspective: “When something is for you, it will not run or hide or avoid being yours.” Maybe that’s all I really need to get back to ~normality.