fall fashion essentials

Time to buy those layers and sweaters and scarves and….pumpkin spice coffee. Although there is an abundance of fall ’17 trends, you can never go wrong with a smaller fall wardrobe this year with these key fashion essentials for the unpredictable season.

01. Layering Pieces

Don’t put away those summer camisoles and tanks…keep them for layering! Put it over a t-shirt and under a cardigan.

02. Long Sleeve Blouse

A beautiful long sleeve blouse would look awesome tucked into some of your favorite jeans.

03. Midi Skirt

How can you not?! A midi skirt is the perfect length for this kind of weather, and a bonus tip: wear it with some tall boots to give a vintage vibe.

04. Mini Skirt

Don’t pack away these babies either! A mini skirt and thigh high boots are probably one of my most worn combinations ever.

05. Hats & Beanies

A fedora if you’re feeling fancy and chic. A beanie if you’re feeling cool and casual.

06. Scarves

A scarf adds the extra mile in your outfits. Put it in your hair, around your neck, or even around your bag. I’ll be making a video and a blog post on how to style scarves for the fall very soon!

07. Cardigans

So you’re in class or at the office and you’re cold af wearing your camisole. Put on a cardigan and it’s a dream!

08. Sweaters

I love to wear sweaters with jeans and skirts, don’t get me wrong. But there is nothing better than chilling at home in a big comfy chunky sweater, who agrees? I can’t be the only one!

09. Thigh high boots

I swear this will be the only boot you need for fall. Wear them with a mini dress or skirt, wear them over skinny jeans, wear them with nothing else (lol just kidding).

10. Flats

When it’s a little bit of a warmer day outside and I don’t feel like sweating in my boots, I love to just slip on a simple flat. Plus, I think simple flats with jeans or leggings look super feminine and effortless.

11. Leather jacket

You know I had to bring this one up! This is just the epitome for fall. It’s what we all wait for all year ’round.

12. Denim jacket

When I’m going for a super casual day-time look, I love to throw a denim jacket on. I’m especially digging oversized denim jackets — to make an outfit less feminine and more grunge-y.

13. Trench coat

Fall is rainy, fall is sunny, but a trench coat will never fail to help you survive in any weather condition.

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  1. Courtney
    Wednesday, September 6

    These are totally the fall essentials!!! I can’t live without a nice pair of boots for the fall.


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