How to Create a 14-Piece Fall Wardrobe That’s Actually Chic

I am all for capsule wardrobes. While my entire closet is not a capsule wardrobe and I don’t practice minimalism religiously, I still love to create capsule wardrobes for personal ease when picking out outfits or when I’m travelling. It makes choosing outfits a whole lot easier.

Read on for a step-by-step guide of how to create your own fall capsule wardrobe.

For my fall capsule wardrobe this year, I stuck to a maximum of 15 items including clothing, shoes, and hats. I chose some classic fall essentials, some classic all-year favorites, and some new pieces I recently bought that I want to incorporate.

This is what my fall capsule wardrobe looks like:

capsule wardrobe

And you can totally shop my fall wardrobe here:

Now, let’s move on to how to create your own fall capsule chic wardrobe (and I really encourage you to try!):

Step 01. Be true to your style. I feel like “capsule wardrobes” created a stigma of very simple, minimalistic clothing. That’s not true at all – you can make it how you want it to be and don’t be afraid!

Step 02. Pick out clothing and accessories according to these 3 categories: your classic fall essentials, your year-round favorites, and your newly bought items or items that have been sitting in the back of your closet forever.

Step 03. Out of those categories, pick out clothing that you know can be styled multiple ways. Look online for inspiration! There are so many “5 ways to style __” videos on Youtube (totally including my video 5 ways to style a denim skirt which you can watch here).

Some of my versatile favorites are dresses (which can easily be tucked into a skirt and accessorized many different ways) and an oversized scarf (that can be worn 5 million ways, literally).

An important thing to remember is that there is no perfect wardrobe. But stick true to your style and versatility, and you’ll adore your capsule wardrobe for this season!

Question: what’s your must-have item in your fall capsule wardrobe or if you don’t have a capsule wardrobe, what’s your favorite fall essential?


  1. Courtney
    Friday, October 20

    These sound like all of the fall essentials. A nice flannel is a must for sure!

  2. Cris
    Friday, October 20
    Tuesday, October 24

    love how you’ve styled these pieces, so so versatile!


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