Getting Fringe-y

fringe jacket
fringe jacket
fringe jacket
Jacket: Forever 21 | Dress: Zaful | Hat: Zaful | Boots: Zara

Friiiiinge! Seriously, who doesn’t like fringe? It’s so much fun to just twirl around in! And yes, in the above photographs, I was twirling around in my fringe jacket and some 8 year old girls were staring at me as these were taken. I even like fringe when I reach for the olive oil across the diner table and my fringe gets in the marinara sauce.

I actually scored this jacket years ago on the F21 clearance rack for…*drum roll please*…$18! It’s a really thick, surprisingly great quality suede material. It’s heavy duty and keeps me warm.

If you’re into fringe like me for this season, shop some of my faves here:

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  1. Courtney
    Tuesday, October 31

    That outfit is gorgeous! I love that hat.


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