11 Benefits of Shopping Vintage

benefits of shopping vintagebenefits of shopping vintage
benefits of shopping vintage
benefits of shopping vintage
benefits of shopping vintage
Everything I’m wearing today is vintage!

If you’ve been reading my blog or watching my Youtube videos or probably just looking at my OOTDs, mostly everything I wear, buy, and lust over is vintage. I can’t pinpoint what exactly got me into thrifting and buying second-hand, but I know a heavy influence was my phase of obsessing over ’50s poodle skirts and mary jane shoes when I was about 13. Oh, the trends we love when we’re 13…

A bigger influence was when my great aunt used to give me her old quirky clothes from her school teaching days back in the 70s. Her style was quite liberal and hippie with a touch of mod and class. She gave me 3 of her jackets: a bright yellow mod jacket from the 60s, a classic trench coat from the 70s, and a suede lilac windbreaker from the 80s. And I guess that’s where I can pinpoint my love of vintage….

Whether it be hand me downs from my great aunt or my mom or finding a piece in the thrift store, shopping vintage has shaped my style and who I am today! Here are some amazing benefits of shopping vintage.

01. Your personal style will be easier to find and easier to portray.
02. Nobody will be wearing the same thing as you (as a fashion blogger, this is my favorite and it separates me a little bit from the rest!)
03. You save sooo much money.
04. Your clothes have backstories and memories.
05. You develop good money saving skills and bargain hunting skills.
06. You make your mom proud when she sees you wearing her high waisted shorts from when she was your age!
07. It’s shopping therapy to the max, especially when you find some hidden treasures.
08. Most vintage clothing is much better quality than how they make clothing now.
09. You are taking a huge part in environmental conservation by recycling/rewearing!
10. You can get super creative in DIYing or learning to sew and reworking your clothing.
11. Typically, most thrift stores are apart of a charity so you’re also apart of charity work!

Do you thrift/shop vintage? What’s your favorite vintage item that you’ve found?


  1. Kate
    Wednesday, April 11

    How gorgeous are those pants! Such an amazing find <3
    Green Fashionista

  2. Jacqui
    Wednesday, April 11

    Love the top, I’ve been looking for a top like that, that doesn’t expose too much and looks super classy! Almost thought there was a rainbow reflecting off your trousers for a second

    || Jacqui

  3. Eena
    Thursday, April 12

    You are gorgeous, girl! This outfit is really well-put and I’m loving the top!

    cabin twenty-four

  4. Mariann Yip
    Thursday, April 12

    I love thrifting because I love finding pieces that are so unique and I never see people wearing the same thing as me! http://mariannyc.com/2018/04/11/recap-of-fashion-beauty-news/

  5. Alessia
    Thursday, April 12

    I like the vintage touch of your pictures, I also really like your outfit!
    xo Alessia

  6. Lovely
    Friday, April 13

    Great tips hun, adore your ensemble those pants are absolutely gorgeous.


  7. Maray
    Friday, April 13

    Beautiful look, kisses!!


  8. Nevena
    Sunday, April 15

    Your outfit is really cute! 🙂 xx

  9. Radi
    Monday, April 16

    I’ve never really gotten into vintage shopping, but love the great benefits from it like having a unique piece and not spending so much money on it.


  10. Christine Kong
    Monday, April 16

    Absolutely agree with all of your reasons for shopping vintage. I love that there is a history behind each piece and that you won’t have anything like anybody else. Those silk trousers and the blouse are beautiful together and love that bag. I can’t believe you are able to score such fab vintage pieces! xoxo, Christine

  11. l'ambassadrice
    Monday, April 16

    That vintage outfit looks AMAZING on you! I love vintage shopping 🙂

  12. Federica Di Nardo
    Monday, April 16

    Love your look..and vintage, of course!


  13. Jessica
    Monday, April 16

    Love this!! excellent reasons to shop vintage! And your pictures are gorgeous!


  14. Cris
    Tuesday, April 17

    Great points here. I totally agree with you. And your outfit is gorgeous and super trendy too. xoxo Cris

  15. Katya
    Friday, April 20

    Your tips for better styling is great. You look absolutely stunning.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova


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