5 Things I’ve Learned Fashion Blogging After 2 Years

5 things i've learned fashion blogging

I started my blog as a fashion blog when I was 18 years old. 2 years later, I’m 20 and I’ve learned some things.

I was glued to the computer since I was little. I’ve always, always wanted to start a beauty channel on Youtube. I never did because I let my insecurities get the best of me. I believe almost everyone who has started a Youtube channel or blog has feared what people will think of them. Flash forward to 20 years old now, and I can’t believe a stupid fear like that held me back. I let this fear affect me into actually stopping me from following my heart and I always have regretted it. I could’ve started my brand when I was 13, but in reality, I started my brand when I was 18 when I finally gained the courage to do so. So much regret. Thus, I bring you 5 things I’ve learned fashion blogging. This is the first one: don’t ever let your fears hold you back.

02. Be patient. Super patient.

It’s basically been 2 years in and I’m still figuring out what I want this blog to be about! It’s taken me an unusually long time to grow and learn more about appealing visuals, quality content, etc. I wish I can say I was patient about it but I definitely wasn’t. Let’s just say there were many nights where I cried myself to sleep…haha? Nobody told me the blog process was easy, and if you’ve never heard it, I’m telling you now: it’s not easy. You need a whole lot of patience + a whole lot of passion.

03. Separate yourself from social media.

This is inevitable considering I am a blogger and social media is my job. A huge chunk of my time everyday is spent on Instagram because the success of my blog depends on it (most of my traffic comes from Instagram)! Here I am, scrolling through tons of perfectly edited pictures of fashion bloggers at some luxurious travel destination.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the midst of social media, or simply, to get jealous. Honestly, I believe it’s a form of brainwashing to an extent depending on how you precieve it. I’ve fallen in the superficial pitfalls before, but it’s super important to not let someone else’s [probably fake] happiness get inside your head.

04. Trust yourself.

Through my blogging experience, it’s also taken me awhile to learn to truly post what you love. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of “what popular bloggers are posting about” and what you think will do well. For me, it took a lot of brainstorming and writing out the ideas first before I create them. The content that I’ve created so far that my heart wasn’t 100% in didn’t do too well statistically, but the content that I’ve created that I love has done really well! How much you believe in yourself really shows throughout your content.

If you’re a blogger or influencer, please share the most valuable lesson you’ve learned so far!

Jumpsuit: Club Monaco (similar & similar) | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman



  1. BeingIsabella
    Friday, July 13

    These are beautiful, beautiful pictures Nicole! You look so radiant and poised here! I am always on the hunt to learn things about fashion blogging from other fashion bloggers. I find that there is no better way to do so than to learn it from those who have experienced it all! I couldn’t agree more with all of these tips. I think that it can be hard sometimes when you see tons of bloggers away at luxurious destinations eating from platters of heavenly looking fruit, but it is incredibly important to be patient with yourself and rather compare what you have to them, learn from them and see what they’re doing that you could do to improve and get better! xx


  2. Radi
    Friday, July 13

    I agree patience and hard work are key. You really have to plan your time.
    Cheers to completing 2 years of blogging!


  3. Cris
    Sunday, July 15

    Lovely outfit some great points here I am both blogger and influencer Still learning a lot and get more confidence as I move forward My tip keep doing the best you can Keep motivated and have fun xoxo Cris

  4. Sara
    Monday, July 16

    I stumbled upon this post and was surprised how much I could relate. Wonderful, wise words, and absolutely stunning photography.

    Sara | http://www.saraspoke.com

  5. Sharan
    Monday, July 16

    Loved reading this! Your first paragraph is literally ME! I actually made a blog when I was in middle school, posted about five times, and then deleted it because I was embarrassed. If only I knew how much blogging would grow and that I would eventually find the courage to return to blogging when I was in college, I definitely would have kept going. But, I don’t want to regret too much because that’s just pointless. And I agree that patience is key. I’ve had my current blog for almost two years and the growth has been as slow as a snail, but this time around I’m not planning on giving up Xx


  6. mahryska
    Monday, July 16

    you look amazing babe!
    kisses from the sandpits of dubai ❤︎

  7. wendee
    Thursday, July 19

    beautiful photos
    The Glossychic

  8. Irena
    Thursday, July 19

    Your blog is very elegant and stylish! Love its vibes! The picture of this post is also very nice! Thumbs up!

    The Gown 👗 http://www.thegown.cz


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