The Ultimate Sunscreen Guide for Natural Babes

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Through my transition of going all-natural, sunscreen was one of the first things I was quick to give up when I finally learned that it’s full of sh*t. Unlike my lucky Peruvian boyfriend with olive skin that never burns, I’m white as a Polish ghost. While he can bake in the 1pm sun, I’m burning right next to him. I need sunscreen, but I need natural sunscreen.

What exactly is sunburn? It’s your skin’s response to the UV exposure. The redness comes from dilating blood vessels, then losing the moisture and hydration in your skin.

You need sunscreen.

Also, I’d love to bring up a really important topic with typical commercial brand sunscreens that people seem to overlook. All of those nasty chemicals in your sunscreen are awful for marine life! If you have a care in the world for nature and animals, then stop using your commercial brand sunscreen! Tip: Always look for sunscreen brand products that say “reef safe”.

Have you already tried natural sunscreen and didn’t like it or it didn’t work? You’re probably best to not blame it on the natural sunscreen if you didn’t apply basic sunscreen rules: apply 30 minutes before sun and water exposure, reapply after every 80 minutes, etc.

With that and your typical store-bought sunscreen said, let me introduce you to: my favorite natural/mineral sunscreen products and natural oils that have an SPF all without chemicals and unnecessary additives.

My Favorite Natural/Mineral Sunscreen Products

01. Beauty by Earth Mineral Sunscreen Lotion / SPF 25

This is my favorite one! With zinc oxide being the main active ingredient, it also is full of soothing and beneficial ingredients like aloe vera juice, coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, pomegranate, cucumber, calendula, vanilla, Japanese green leaf, and vitamin E. This smells amazing and has the same consistency as your typical lotion! It’s a thicker formula making it a little more time-consuming to rub in, but I much prefer that over slathering chemicals on myself.

02. Goddess Garden Sunscreen Spray / SPF 30

I love this one when I’m too lazy to apply lotion and just want an easy spray. Like the Beauty by Earth product above, the thicker consistency makes it more difficult to rub in and spread (this is where I think this issue is inevitable with mineral sunscreens). This is hands-down a great alternative for sunscreen, however, there are still some questionable [yet still mineral] ingredients such as Titanium Dioxide (a mineral, but when sprayed and inhaled, it could possibly be carcinogenic)*.

03. Badger Baby Sunscreen Lotion / SPF 30

Yes, of course I use baby sunscreen for myself! The ingredients in baby products tend to always be more gentle on the skin which is a huge thumbs-up for me. The base of this lotion is zinc oxide, and is loaded with great ingredients like chamomile, calendula, and seabuckthorn.

04. Babo Botanicals Sheer Sunscreen Spray / SPF 30

If you’re the type of person who likes a quick spray and no rubbing in, I got you! This sunscreen is sheer AND has not one bit of a harmful ingredient. This one is ideal for ease and filled with more unique ingredients derived from flowers.

Sunscreen Brands To Definitely Avoid

Alba Botanica, Aveeno, Banana Boat, Coppertone, CVS Brand, Neutrogena, Panama Jack, Sun Bum (non-baby), Supergoop!

Do you feel a sunscreen brand needs to be on one of these lists or I should try out a sunscreen product? Let me know!

Oils With Natural SPF

I’m not going to lie when I say that natural/mineral sunscreens are expensive! I got you here, too! Consequently, I’ve listed some oils below that have a natural SPF so you can make your own sunscreen, free of chemicals and harsh ingredients. Tip: The SPF depends on the quality of the oil.

  • Coconut Oil SPF 2-8
  • Jojoba Oil SPF 4
  • Olive Oil SPF 2-8
  • Shea Butter SPF 3-6
  • Macadamia Oil SPF 6
  • Avocado Oil SPF 4-15
  • Almond Oil SPF 5
  • Zinc Oxide SPF 15-20
  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil SPF 28-50
  • Carrot Seed Oil SPF 38-40
  • Wheatgerm Oil SPF 20

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts as always! xo



  1. BeingIsabella
    Friday, July 20

    Being a Polish gal, I can definitely relate of many levels to this post! We don’t tan, we just go from being pale, to burnt, to peeling, to pale all over again. It is a vicious cycle. Unfortunately I didn’t inherit my mom’s Italian genes, but instead my dad’s Polish/Eastern European ones! There is something good that came out of this, however, I now know the importance of taking care of my skin, and really taking care of it by using products that have good ingredients in them. As a rule of thumb, I always like to look out for what a product’s age restrictions are. If it says that a child or baby shouldn’t use it because it will be to harsh on their skin, than we probably shouldn’t be using that product either because there must be some not so great ingredient in there! Thus, I always try to find as natural products as possible. Thank you for this recommendation because these products look amazing, and I take my sunscreen very seriously since I wear it 365 days out of the year 😉

    1. Nicole
      Friday, July 20

      Ahh I’m Polish, too! I feel you. Separate baby/adult products are a joke, I’ll use baby products all the way LOL! I’m so glad you could relate to this! Thanks for reading girl 🙂

  2. Radi
    Saturday, July 21

    I feel you… I also burn easily, so I have to apply sunscreen frequently!

  3. Carina Herren
    Saturday, July 21

    Such an informative post! There are lots of sunscreen brands out there now some of them are unsafe! Will definitely try that Goddess Garden spray! Love your suit! 😉


  4. Sheena Sy Gonzales
    Sunday, July 22

    I’ve had such a hard time choosing the right sunscreen for me cause they alwasy leave me looking ashy. Thanks for your recommendations!

    Sheena |

  5. Babita
    Monday, July 23

    Sounds promising product!!! I get tanned so easily, so a good sunscreen is always a must have in my bag! Will have try this!

    Xoxo Babita

  6. Kelly Thompson
    Wednesday, July 25

    Thanks so much for sharing your favorite sunscreen products!

    Kelly |

  7. Tina
    Wednesday, July 25

    It looks nice! I get tanned easily, I definitely try this! Thanks, dear for sharing sunscreen product, Kisses:)
    Ulta Coupons

  8. Jessica
    Friday, July 27

    Great roundup here dear. Babo Botanicals Sheer Sunscreen Spray sounds really good, would love to try it myself. Anyway, cute pictures you have here!

    Jessica |

  9. Katya
    Saturday, July 28

    This looks like a really effective product to use. I bet a product like this is very important most specially during summer or when you are out in the beaches. Certainly a must try.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova


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