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I’ll be the first to say that modelling is one of the most awkward things to do, especially in public. It’s been over 2 years now since I’ve first started modelling and posing for my blog and Instagram pictures! I’ve learned so much over the past couple of years so I like to think that I’ve improved and gained some tips on one of the most awkward parts of being an influencer: posing.

It may look easy and effortless when you’re scrolling through your feed, but as your typical awkward blogger here, it’s no picnic. Sometimes it only takes about 5 photos to get the perfect shot with the perfect pose and the perfect angle, but sometimes it takes 200 photos. It’s a mix of effort and luck, but it’s always helpful to know a couple of poses up your sleeve to speed up the process.

My #1 tip: In most shots, standing on your tip-toes will make your legs appear much longer, toned, and feminine. This works wonders!

1. Dance and twirl.

Literally! This always helps me loosen up and have fun. Posing is like dancing, and you have to find your rhythm. Especially if you’re showing off a flowy dress or skirt, this is necessary in order to capture a great one!

2. Put one foot in front of the other.

For some odd reason, this creates the illusion that your legs are shaped better! Also, it’s a great pose that gives a more candid moment. A super slow yet natural walk while the photog is snapping away is perfect!

3. Smile, pout, look up, look down, look to the side….

If you’re still trying to figure out your best angles and looks, give your photoshoot plenty of options! Smile in some, be serious in some. Look to the side past the camera or look down dramatically or look down smiling! Do whatever feels natural and whatever feels most you, but it’s always nice to have a diverse selection of photos to choose from!

4. Put your hands in your hair.

One of the most common poses is having your hand touch your hair. If it feels awkward to just have your arms hanging to your side, by all means, naturally brushing or playing with your hair in photos always works! The key to pulling this pose off well requires it to be as natural as possible! Tip: Don’t put your hands in your hair too much. Once again, it’s great to give your photographer versatility in your poses! Having your hands in your hair in all of the shots is a little repetitive.

5. Play with your garments.

If I’m working with flowy dresses and skirts, maybe I’ll lift up the garment a little to show off the movement of the fabric. If I’m working with jeans, I’ll put my hands in the pockets. If I’m working with sunglasses, maybe I’ll pretend to take them off or put them back on. Natural little movements like these add more dimension and playfulness to your photos and highlight the garment you’re showing off!

6. Add some props.

You can get some really great ideas on Pinterest (well at least definitely my Pinterest & Instagram ;)) on how to use props in your photoshoot. In this beach photoshoot, I brought along some citrus, a book, and a magazine and they added such a creative element! Holding up a book or magazine also solves the question “where do I put my hands?”.

7. Pose profile and show the back!

Snapping some photos 360 degrees around also adds a lot more versatility to the selection. Don’t forget about shots from the side and from the back! If you long hair like mine, these photos give you the chance to really showcase your locks!

8. Put your elbows behind your back.

If you slightly and loosely bend your elbows and place them a little bit back, stick your chest out, and relax your shoulders, it gives the appearance of a body curve when shot from the side.

Ok, were those tips or did I just welcome you to the world of Instagram fakeness?! I’m one that hates social media because of the fakeness associated with it, but I also love it because it’s my job. Since I’ve learned what it’s like behind the scenes of running a fashion blog, I’ve learned to separate what’s real and what’s not real. Though I truly enjoy sharing my modelling tips in general for anybody to do, it’s important to always love yourself and don’t compare yourself!



  1. Amy Arnold
    Monday, August 20

    Good tips – you are a pro!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  2. Jessica
    Saturday, April 13

    I love the style of this post and how simple these tips are! I only knew one of them so I’m excited to apply the rest and see how it goes! Now I’m off to do some research and build up the confidence to go take shots solo downtown! 😛

    I love working with a great photographer, but I think being more comfortable in front of the camera and knowing my angles and when/how I look the most Me will be super helpful before my next professional shoot. Thanks for the insight girl! <3


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