How To Grow Your Instagram Following According To Bloggers & Influencers

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I’m so excited to finally be able to share this long awaited post with everyone! The guide to growing your Instagram following is finally here, for any aspiring bloggers or influencers. Growing your Instagram following invites in more views on your blog, more engagement, more sales, and of course, more community for your brand! If you’re struggling right now to boost following or engagement, I feel you. This post is super special today because I’ve had the lovely chance of collaborating with my favorite bloggers and influencers who shared their tips on how they grew their Instagram following!

Whether you’re trying to grow your blog’s Instagram or even a personal Instagram, read on to find the 11 best ways that will surely boost your Instagram following. And please check out and possibly give a follow to these bloggers and influencers who participated!

@2doppelgangers says

“Consistency is key & also try to interact with the community by replying to the comments, DMs, & why not–get to know your followers!”


@fashiontravelrepeat says

“To focus on having genuine meaningful engagement with like minded people on the paltform. Social media supposed to be just that–social! Having quality interaction with other people on Instagram helps you build long term relationships with your followers as well as helping you reach new potential followers.”


@lifeeoflo says

“Be consistent with posting (daily + IG stories), be consistent in your brand and the advice you’re offering. Tell the truth and always try and show your personality. It’s so hard to caption someone’s personality in a photo but share it through captions, stories, and networking.”


@byhannahrose says

“Be real! If we just try acting like other followers or buying followers, then we’re not going to have real followers that become our friends. No need to put on acts. Just gotta be real!”


@lucinaedit says

“Find your own niche. It doesn’t make sense to copy someone else’s feed, because people already follow them. You need to be consistent and find your own style and way of editing. Also I just think you need to be real: so be you and don’t try to make everything perfect!”


@deminkotsoris says

“I’ve seen the best results when I put in the work, engage with other accounts, think about and plan my content & stay consistent with it all and most importantly, never try to be anyone else!”


@janealanathompson says

“Lots of engagement, interacting with followers…being friendly as opposed to just another stranger on the internet!”


@michelletakeaim says

“Be committed and consistent. Also, share you real moments in real time whenever possible. People want to see what you’re doing more than staged photos!”


@themandynicole says

“My #1 tip is using stories to show your personality.”


@caitlinbea says

“Be relatable! Don’t get caught up in having the highest quality photos, most expensive outfits or most rockin’ feed. What do YOU want to be known for? How do your friends describe you in real life? If you’re quirky & artsy, make sure that comes across the second someone stumbles upon your page! If you’re loud, be loud. If you’re the opposite? Let that show too! I see so many people try to emulate others because it works for that person, so they almost become someone they’re not online. I think people can see through that after awhile, which may stunt your growth. Use your strengths and traits IRL and use it to your advantage to distinguishing yourself among everyone else. People like when they see themselves in you, so be authentically YOU!”

@katerinastavreva says

“I think the most important thing when trying to grow your following (other than taking high quality photos of course but that’s just a given) is to be completely authentic and show something real. I think it’s actually rare these days to see content that evokes emotion, as opposed to stiff staged shots so if you find a way to be real and vulnerable, people will respond to it. I honestly think the all-feared algorithm and all that doesn’t even matter. If you put up high quality and honest content, people will find you and stick with you no matter what.

And my personal tip is just to be patient. It takes time to learn and grow as a brand. It took me 2 years to figure out what I wanted my blog to be about, and with that, I was still trying to find my photographing/editing style. Only time helped me with that one! Do you have any personal tips or advice to grow your IG following?


  1. Cris Santos
    Sunday, September 16

    I love your outfit and all the tips here. I agree with every and single one of them. xoxo Cris

  2. Steph
    Sunday, September 16

    Good tips – thank you x

  3. Elle
    Sunday, September 16

    Love this! Very informative

  4. Induehorse
    Sunday, September 16

    Thanks for the tips! I’m new to blogging so appreciate all the help I can get!

    1. Nicole
      Monday, September 17

      I’m so glad it helped!!! Wishing you the best on your new blog! 🙂

  5. Didier
    Monday, September 17

    It definitely is about engaging with your followers in an organic way! We often try to hard and focus on the numbers rather than trying to forge truthful relationships with our following.


  6. Lisa Autumn
    Monday, September 17

    This was so insightful! Thank you girl!

    x Lisa |

  7. Jessica
    Tuesday, September 18

    These are really nice tips dear, and I couldn’t agree more, especially with Michelle. It takes time and effort, and consistency is key – like most things in life, you must be patient and continuously work on it.

    Jessica |

  8. Jenifer
    Monday, September 24

    Love that you posted all these tips. It sounds like the overarching theme is to be yourself, which is so refreshing.

    xx Jenifer


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