7 Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Brands To Shop Now

Dress: Eileen Fisher (exact) | Shoes: Vintage | Earrings: Mejuri

If you are just starting into your journey of ethical and sustainable fashion or have been for awhile and just want to discover new brands, this one’s for you! I’ve listed seven of my favorite ethical and sustainable fashion brands around. Feel free to mention any more that I should check out in the comments! These brands below are making a difference in our world today, so by purchasing their clothes instead of going to a typical mall store, you’re making a difference, too.

Eileen Fisher – $$

Love this brand because you can find it in almost any department store easily! Their clothing is mostly made of organic, recycled, and sustainable fibers. A highlighted bonus is that they’re headquarters and distribution center are sun & solar powered! Read more about their efforts here.

Reformation – $$

If you’re looking to shop ethical but still want to shop trendy, the Reformation is the place. Their online store is the best to shop, although they have several physical locations throughout the US. They’re one of the few brands that make an effort for sustainability. Read more about their efforts here.

Tradlands – $$

A one-stop destination for all things menswear-inspired feminine clothing. They’re committed to producing their clothing slowly and carefully to provide high quality. Read more about their efforts here.

YIREH – $$

Now stepping away from menswear and diving into total feminine and delicate clothing, YIREH is an emerging ethical and sustainable brand. Their clothing is slowly produced in Bali and don’t contain any toxic dyes. Read more about their efforts here.

DÔen – $$

A totally feminine and vintage-inspired brand that’s changing the game with their focus being empowering women! They also have intricate and slow-fashion production overseas and they share the behind the scenes on their social media! Read more about their efforts here.

Stella McCartney – $$$

Heading more into luxury fashion, Stella McCartney is your go-to brand if you’re a luxury connoisseur! Thoughtful in animals, environment, fabrics, and people, this brand is the culprit of change for the future. Read more about their efforts here.

Karen Walker – $$

With strong ethical values and responsible ethical sourcing with fabrics containing no harmful dyes, Karen Walker is also one of the few brands that work with fabric mills where they can trace back the history of the fabric and makes sure it comes from a place that matches their code of ethics. Read more about their efforts here.

As I’m just starting to transition out my wardrobe and my blog to making it mostly ethical and thoughtfully produced, please bear with me as I may feature some old pieces in my closet but I will always link an ethical similar!




  1. Le Mag de Justine
    Monday, October 15

    And what a look, simple but effective and very beautiful. In addition, your photos are beautiful!


  2. Ashley
    Tuesday, October 16

    This list is awesome- ethical + sustainable fashion is so important!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Shauna
    Tuesday, October 16

    Such a gorgeous look!



  4. Kara
    Thursday, October 18

    It’s wonderful that there are brands that are creating ethical and sustainable clothing! Thank you for the list of ones to check out, and I love the blue dress you’re wearing!

    x Kara | http://karascloset.net

  5. Karolina
    Thursday, October 18
  6. Inna Pishtoy
    Thursday, October 18

    I love your slip dress!


  7. Jen
    Friday, October 19

    Im glad that you share these brands with us! Love them ♥


  8. Janet
    Friday, October 19

    Thank you for sharing these brands with us. It is so refreshing to know that there is actually brands out there that practice ethical and sustainable fashion. You look so lovely in this dress!


  9. Carmen
    Friday, October 19

    Oh such a good post sweetie – and so important! I love Reformation and they’re philosophy. And of course, Stella McCartney <3
    Now I have to check out some of the ones I haven't known yet 🙂
    xx, Carmen – https://carmitive.com

  10. Allie Mackin
    Wednesday, October 24

    Hey thanks for the heads up on this information. Good to know and I already love some of the brands here. We need to get together and shoot again soon. I also want to shoot some video shorts if you are interested.

    Allie of


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