How To Create A Cohesive Instagram Feed + How I Edit My Photos

Jacket: Vintage Harley Davidson | Top: The Reformation (exact) | Jeans: Levi’s (exact) | Boots: Topshop (exact) (similar)

I’m spilling the beans and sharing with you guys I how create a cohesive Instagram feed as I transition my Instagram feed to autumn-esque! I’ve been inspired by contrasting saturation and desaturation in photos, sharp, and finished with a dusty, artsy look. This is a small guide on any tips or tricks up my sleeve for editing Instagram photos to make them into a cohesive feed with Lightroom and VSCO. Keep reading on!

My feed is far from perfect and I’m still learning, tweaking, and changing as time goes on, and you might be, too! In this case, it’s important to know that no feed is perfect and I’m definitely not an expert in anyway. Just a girl who’s passionate about editing and creating a creative feed.

If you want to get the exact look of my photos, you can purchase the Lightroom preset I used to edit these photos (can be used with the free version of the Lightroom app, too).

Tip #1: Decide whether your photos will be lower or higher exposure/brightness.

I believe this is an important one for the overall cohesiveness. Play around with the exposure/brightness and see if your eye catches more exposed photos and less exposed. I personally love the look of a slight underexposed look to my photos! You may have to adjust this differently for each photo to fit nicely in your feed, depending on the original brightness of your photo.

Tip #2: Stick to 2-3 colors and incorporate another 2-3 neutrals in the mix.

While this should be taken into thought when you’re editing your photos, it also should be a thought when taking your photos! When I’m planning my outfits, I like to plan a couple of outfits with one color that pops and another couple of outfits with another color that pops out. Once you place your photos next to eachother, you’ll see that the pops of red photos in your feed connect with eachother making it cohesive. Or you’ll see that the green background from the trees in your photos connect with the other green photos.

Tip #3: Mix it up a little.

Not all photos should look the same or have the same background! Balance and mix it up with photos with different backgrounds and different outfits.

Tip #4: Use a Lightroom preset if you’re having trouble with keeping it cohesive.

Lightroom presets are definitely worth it if you’re in a hunch and cohesiveness is a struggle (let me just shamelessly mention my lightroom presets here and super easy to use and all you need is the free version of the Lightroom app)!

Tip #5: Layer your photo with a low intensity VSCO filter.

I’m personally not a fan of the VSCO filters pumped up to their highest setting, but I do think it’s essential in going the extra step in making all of your images cohesive. Choose your favorite VSCO filter and only use +1-+4 of intensity depending on the image. I use a low intensity amount of M5 with a touch of fade and grain in VSCO for my photos.

No feed is perfect and these tips don’t guarantee perfection. Play with your settings and have fun with it!

What’s your Instagram handle? I’d love to connect with all of you – my instagram is @nicolegramcko!


  1. Le Mag de Justine
    Monday, November 19

    Your blog is really an inspiration to me. Your looks are always top. I love your shoes.


  2. Nesli
    Monday, November 19

    Definitely needed to read this post! Very useful

  3. Jenifer
    Tuesday, November 20

    Really helpful tips! I absolutely love the color scheme you have and these photos are gorgeous!!
    xx Jenifer

  4. Jessica
    Wednesday, November 21

    Great tips dear, and yes, using the 2-3 colors works really well. Makes your feed look neat and organized. Anyway, lovely photos you have here!

    Jessica |

  5. Jen
    Wednesday, November 21

    Your feed is amazing! I love experimenting with editing so I never really have a line of colors in my feed, even tho I would like to do it hahaha it’s hard to make a choice ♥

  6. Inna Pishtoy
    Wednesday, November 28

    Your photos are perfect, thanks for sharing how you edit them 🙂

  7. Angela
    Saturday, December 1

    Great tips! My ig feed is all over the place currently so slowly reading about creating a “cohesive feed” – one day!

    Angela |

  8. Kaydee
    Tuesday, January 1

    This post is amazing just like your other ones! Thank you for your advice and I’ll definitely follow you on IG now, because I can honestly say, I love you style! I’d love to connect with you there, my handle is @kaydeetay

    Thank you xoxo

  9. Kaydee
    Tuesday, March 26

    Love this! You are such a big help, thank you for posting this <3 My insta is @kaydeetay


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