How To Dress Warm For The Extreme, Freezing Cold Weather & Still Look Chic

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This is such a highly requested post and I’m so excited to share my tips on how to dress warm for the extreme cold weather and still look chic! I have a dash of seasonal depression when fall and winter come around and I naturally hate being cold. The only way I’m ever going to survive this brutal NYC winter is if I truly dress warm! I used to think dressing super warm for this weather is some kind of fashion death statement and you’re just bound to look hideous. I have some tips to share up my sleeve for any of you in the same position! Here’s to still looking beautiful af when it’s freezing. Let’s break it down from head to toe…


This is by far the most important body part that you cover up since the heat from your head escapes first and makes you much colder! I recommend staying away from looser hats or hats that don’t cover your ears. The goal is to trap the heat in so it can’t escape. Knit beanies and wool berets that will cover your ears work great (berets are bonus chic points). In addition, put some ear muffs over your ears to really secure the heat for your ears. Shop my recommended hats and earmuffs below!


For those brisk windchill days, your neck and mouth/chin area should be covered! Investing in an oversized, chunky knit scarf is the best where you can literally wrap your entire head in it (make sure you can still see LOL)! Knit, wool, and fleece scarves are the best material for staying cozy and warm. Shop my recommended scarves below!

Upper Body

Now it’s time to put your layering skills to the test! You can dress completely hideous underneath, but put a pretty sweater or coat on top of it and you’re still looking chic. One of the major problems with layering is that it looks chunky! If you invest in some skin-tight long sleeved HeatGear Under Armour to wear as your first layer, then layer another skin-tight thermal top on top of that, then layer another tight-fitting long sleeve sweater on top of that–you are WARM. After that, choose an oversized, chunky sweater (tip: order a size or 2 up) so that it doesn’t look bulky. Finally, add your coat on top (water resistant puffer coats are recommended in wet, snowy weather while wool coats are recommended for those dry winter days). Shop my recommended layering pieces, sweaters, and coats below!


I’ve given up on gloves because I have proven many times that they truly don’t work in keeping your hands warm. They protect them, but my fingers still freeze! In order to keep your hands warm, all of your fingers need to be touching together to produce your own body heat. Mittens are my go-to, so here are some cute mittens to add to your cold weather look.

Lower Body & Legs

Layers apply here, too! Don’t just throw on a pair of jeans and expect your legs to be fine! Legs are definitely the least to worry about when it comes to freezing body parts, but keeping them warm definitely doesn’t hurt. My mom gave me a pair of fleece leggings for Christmas one time and it’s been a life-changer. While being still tight to my legs, I layer these as my first layer, then I put my jeans or trousers over top. There’s also Under Armour leggings definitely worth checking out and come in a lot of different styles! Shop my recommended leggings and jeans below!

Feet & Shoes

Keeping the feet warm (especially if you’re walking in snow) is definitely the most difficult! There’s not much I do for this except for putting on my regular socks, then layering a chunky knit boot sock on top that goes up to my mid-calf. Try to keep your jeans or trousers over your second layer sock so that no warmth escapes. Of course, boots are a must. Most shoes and boots on the market today, unfortunately, are extremely poor quality and definitely not meant for snow. You should look for genuine leather boots, or just very thick boots in general, possibly with fully-lined wool inside them. I’ve been fooled before with boots that are just wool-lined at the top, but leave my toes absolutely freezing! If your toes still struggle to stay warm like mine, use some toe warmers. Shop my recommended socks and boots below!


I know there’s a lot of clothing items involved and you may not have all of the items, but this is an opportunity to get creative with your closet! Pull out all of the warm knit, fleece, flannel, and wool fabrics in your closet and see what outfit ideas you can create! What’s your go-to winter accessory?


  1. Sonia Aicha
    Wednesday, December 12

    great post ad very interesting tips,
    thanks for sharing,

  2. Babita
    Tuesday, December 18

    Great post dear! Love it!

    Xoxo Babita

  3. Jessica
    Friday, December 21

    Love your picks dear, can’t go wrong with any of these, especially the sweaters. Chic and classic sweater you got there too.

    Jessica |

  4. Le Mag de Justine
    Tuesday, December 25

    Very cute your knit!


  5. Inna Pishtoy
    Wednesday, January 9

    Lovely post, I like that turtleneck sweater on you!


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