How To Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers: 5 Proven Strategies

There are proven ways on how to get your first 100 email subscribers and take advantage of the many benefits a targeted email list can bring to your blog, and it’s honestly not as hard as you would think. Building a mailing list is an often neglected but crucial marketing tool for bloggers, and something you can capitalize on almost immediately. With a little effort and a knack for customizing, getting your first 100 email subscribers will be a piece of cake!

Are mailing lists still applicable and popular in 2019? My favorite thing about email marketing is that it’s actually completely separate from social media marketing because you own your list as social media can change privacy or user settings at any time. It’s also a super engaged audience, great way to build trust and connection, and your blog will be more attractive to brands and PR companies.

Q: How do I build a mailing list?

There’s plenty of email marketing providers out there! Some of the most popular are Mailchimp, Mailerlite, and Constant Contact. Create your account, and get familiar with all of the features and tabs. Here, you can add sign up forms, pop ups, create newsletters, manage subscribers, see analytics, etc. If you have a WordPress blog and you’re looking to integrate Mailchimp with WordPress, there’s a tutorial for that here.

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Strategies To Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers

1. Understand that people will only genuinely subscribe if the newsletter is niche-specific, consistent, and to their benefit.

Otherwise, your email will hit their trash folder! In order to maintain your list of subscribers and minimize unsubscribing, this is super important to keep in mind. If every other newsletter is on a different topic, it’s sent out every 2 days…then every month…..then every 2 weeks, or it just doesn’t offer any sort of advice or entertainment, then interest will quickly be lost.

2. Offer something that could benefit them in exchange for their email address.

This goes hand in hand with the last bullet: there needs to be an incentive to be able to attract people to sign up. One of my favorite tools for this is the WordPress plugin Opt-In Panda which allows your readers to enter their email address in exchange for “locked content”, or your exclusive content.

3. Add a pop-up.

Add a pop-up to catch the attention of your readers! Within your email marketing provider, they typically have a pop-up maker you can make yourself. I personally hate Mailchimp’s pop-up builder style options, so I integrated it with the Hustle plugin to make my pop-ups more stylish!

4. Add a sign up form widget on your sidebar or footer.

It’s so important to add a form widget within your website as well, so it’s convenient and easy access for readers. Once again, the Hustle plugin makes lovely sign up forms as well that you can place anywhere!

5. Comment on other blogs.

Interacting and commenting on other blogs and leaving your site URL in your signature automatically drives in more traffic to your website which means more potential subscribers. Commenting is a little more personal, so I think this method is a sure-fire way to grow your mailing list!

It’s important to make sure all of your pop ups, widgets, and freebies aren’t intrusive. It’s best to keep everything simple, real, and natural for better growth.



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    such a great post babe! love your blog

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    Wednesday, June 5

    These are all great tips. I’d love to hear some great topics to include in a more blog-centered newsletter.

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