How To Add A Shop My Instagram Feed Page To Your Website

If you’ve been around the fashion blogging world on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the ‘’ link in a bloggers’ Instagram bio. Ever wondered how to add a shop my Instagram feed page to your website, with your own URL in it and a custom permalink? And features a slick and easy feed format where your followers can simply click on an outfit photo and shop your referral links directly?

This is my current Instagram bio below. You can follow me on Insta here (@nicolegramcko)!

This is one of the most effective methods for converting your followers into making more sales. Whether you have referral or direct links to your outfits, makeup, or whatever products you are posting about, this professional, user-friendly method is also very easy to set-up. So let’s get started!

Make more sales through affiliate marketing!

Instagram is a social platform where links are never shared easily! The only link option we are given is in our Instagram bio, so utilizing it to it’s best capacity is crucial. If you’re anything like me, you might be a little overwhelmed with DMs and comments flying in “where did you get that?” “link?”! And it’s a lot to cater to and reply with a link to each one. Leaving an affiliate link to one of my followers feels a little unnatural and pushy (maybe that’s just me) but I rather have it available for everyone. Hence, this page has helped me manage that awkwardness a lot!

Whether you do your affiliate marketing through RewardStyle (contact me for a referral link), Amazon, ShopSense, or another platform, copy and paste your referral URLs in place of the link and you are sure to bring in more sales that way!

Yup, I haven’t used in a minute.

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How To Set Up The Shop My Feed Widget

  1. Sign up with Snapppt. I love this shop my feed widget in particular because it’s 100% free and very easy to use! The first step is to sign up and connect your Instagram account.
  2. Select the first image you’d like to add to your shoppable feed. Once you hover over the image, select Add.
  3. Now it’s time to add the links! You can choose whether you’d like to choose to disable the hotspots or leave them on. I left them on for my feed for a better user experience, but it’s up to you! Drag the hotspot to the location of the product in the image, add the URL to that product, and add a title. If there’s more than one product, click the plus (+) sign to add more links and hit Save.
  4. Repeat step #2 and #3 for all images you want to put on your shoppable feed!
Now you can click on the ‘Added’ tab to see your shoppable feed. On the upper left corner, you’ll see your Instagram handle. Click the dropdown arrow and select View Feed. Viola – this is your shoppable feed! It should be You can view mine here. If you’d like to see how you can change it to, keep reading!

How To Add The Shop My Feed Widget To A Page On Your Website

My how-to is guided through WordPress, but if you have your blog on Blogger, then you can easily create a new page with blogger and edit it with HTML to add your shoppable feed code to it.
  1. Create a new page in WordPress. Under the page title, you’ll see an Edit button next to the permalink. Click on it to customize your permalink to something simple like /shopmyfeed, /shop, etc. In the content editor box, make sure you’re using the Text editor, not the Visual editor.

  2. Get your shoppable feed embed code. In Snapppt on the upper right corner, hover over Shop The Feed and select Shoppable Galleries. Edit your shoppable feed with the settings on the left to your liking, and then copy the embed code below the settings.

  3. Paste your code into the page and hit publish. Viola! Now you have a fully customized shop my feed page.

Bonus Tips for Success

    • Link items using your referral links via RewardStyle, ShopSense, etc.! This is a great way to boost your affiliate sales.
    • Choose your permalink wisely and keep it simple. (Examples: /shopmyfeed, /shop, /outfits, /feed)
    • Have your own domain for your website. Since we are keeping it simple, a .com domain flows better, as opposed to a subdomain.
    • Update it as you post! Stay on top of your shop page and add the outfits as you post them for maximum sales.

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