How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm in 2019 (Or Work With It) (Updated June 2019)


I wanted to pop on here and share some of the upcoming changes Instagram is making to their algorithm, and offer some tips and tricks on how to beat the Instagram algorithm in June 2019 for the best organic growth (or, how to work with it!)

There’s not much luck in literally beating the algorithm, but rather, seeing the positives in it and working with it! I’m a big believer that Instagram isn’t trying to hide new and upcoming creators, but instead, make it a place for more organic connection. As Instagram stands to be most popular social network today, it’s crowded with fake accounts, spam, and ingenuity. With this mindset and consideration, I think we can all easily adapt to Instagram’s everchanging algorithms.

Instagram Updates in June 2019

The following limit has been changed (as of early June 2019). If your following actions have been blocked, it could most definitely be caused by the new following algorithm. This following limit is ideally targeted for bots, so if you’re thinking about investing in a following bot, you might want to consider your options more carefully this time. It used to be that you could follow up to 60 accounts every day, and then it resets every 24 hours. Now, instead of an every day basis, Instagram limits you to follow up to 6,000 accounts per month.

Creators now will be able to tag products to shop. Just like brands can tag their photos with shoppable products already, creator accounts will now have the opportunity to do this as well. In addition, an in-app checkout feature will also be implemented. Currently, this is in beta-testing and obviously not available as of yet, but this might change the influencer world in how we drive our sales.

You can add quiz and donation stickers now to your Instagram stories. I think this update came through in April or May 2019, but definitely still needs a mention! The quiz feature allows your story viewers to answer a multiple choice question, and then see if they’re right or wrong.

No more likes! This new update is also in beta testing as well, but am I the only one who is excited for this? Finally, for the past few years, Instagram has been notorious for being a numbers game, and it actually has. As an influencer myself, I’m only surrounded by other influencers and more than half are concerned with their numbers. Since I started teaching Instagram growth and offering social media marketing services, I’ve quickly learned that likes are not as important and should be the least of your concern.

You will actually still be able to like photos, but the number under the photo will disappear and you won’t really be able to count how many likes your photos get, but you can see who likes your photos. This could possibly discourage people from liking content in general.

But this is still an update in the very early stages and there’s a chance this might not roll out.

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Tips To Beat The Instagram Algorithm (or work with it)

With the new following limit of 6,000 accounts per month in mind, it’s time to adjust our following habits in a way we don’t get blocked! If we divide 6,000 / 30, that means we can follow 200 accounts per day. To be completely safe, I would set the maximum to following 150 accounts per day, since we want to be avoiding any bans or blocks. It’s time to break away from any bots, or at least set them to a less aggressive following limit.

With the possibility of likes disappearing, change your priorities for growing your account from getting more likes to getting more reach. So, make viral content. Aim for lots of comments on your posts (at least more than 4 words). Utilize hashtags. If you have a business or creator account, you can click View Insights on your static posts and see what number your reach is at. We want to get this number as high as possible, since we want more and more people to see our content!

How can we increase our Instagram reach?



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  2. Dheera
    Friday, July 12

    Your post is so interesting to read as always. What a great article, although I am not too much into likes. It will interesting to see how the new features will work!

  3. Inna
    Wednesday, July 24

    These are some interesting upgrades to Instagram. I’m quite interested to see how the ‘no more likes’ upgrade turns out.


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