How To Use Pinterest & Tailwind To Increase Your Blog Traffic

Finally, I’m sharing the secret to 70% of my blog traffic and my client’s blog traffic: Pinterest and Tailwind. How to work these two websites can get a little tricky, especially for bloggers, so this is a tutorial on how to use Pinterest and Tailwind to increase your blog traffic.

My blog used to be a consistent number of low views per day, and I was honestly feeling stuck with thinking of how to get more blog traffic or just how to get my blog exposed to more people! My friend introduced me to Tailwind, she said she swore by it, and now: I swear by it. Tailwind has been one of the best investments made because it not only a huge increase on my blog traffic, but also my Instagram following.

You can sign up for Tailwind here using my referral link before we begin the step-by-step!

01. Sign up for a business account.


02. Organize your profile and boards and keep it mostly niche-related.

Once you have your business account set up, make your profile look as professional as possible by uploading a high quality profile photo, a niche-related description, and your blog URL. Similarly, you’ll want to have boards that are all organized, have at least 10-15 pins per board (this should be the bare minimum), simple titles, and brief descriptions for each.


03. Sign up for a Tailwind account

I make a little commission off of this link, but I swear by Tailwind as it has generated 70% of all of my website traffic.


04. Once you’re in Tailwind, add more time slots for your pins to get posted on Pinterest. More time slots = more pins!

On the left sidebar of your dashboard, go to Publisher > Your Schedule and you’ll be able to see what time slots are on your schedule currently and some time slots that Tailwind recommends to add for each day of the week. I recommend adding at least 40-50 more time slots to your schedule. The more time slots, the more exposure your pins will have, and the more traffic your website will potentially receive.

05. Utilize the Board Lists feature to save time and pin to multiple boards at once.

Under Publisher > Board Lists, you can add a list for each niche of boards. For example, I have a Natural Beauty board list, a Blogger & Influencer board list, a Travel board list, etc. Then, under each board list, add the boards on your Pinterest that fits under the appropriate category. I try to add at least 10 different boards to each list for maximum pin exposure.

06. Make attractive vertical pins with an eye-catching title that relates directly to your blog post.

This is the step where you’ll need to get a little creative and think like your target audience! When you’re scrolling through Pinterest, what pins catch your eye? Making vertical pins with an eye-catching title and maybe a high quality image is the key to getting impressions, repins, and clicks. An example of one of my pins:


07. I try to make at least 3 different pins for each blog post to see which style and title does well, and which don’t.

Don’t just make one pin. Make at least 3 so you can see which pictures work, which titles work, etc. Also, the more pins you have for one post, the more exposure that post gets! I’m sure you get “the more, the merrier” pattern by now.


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08. Upload them in bulk to Tailwind, choose your board list, create quality copy description, link it to your blog post, and add it to your queue/time slots.


Pro Tip: You can either set intervals depending on when your blog post will be published, but I recommend just adding them to the queue and then shuffling so that all of your time slots are completely filled.


Pro Tip: My posts from 2 years ago are still getting heavy traffic! Under Published Pins, I hit Repin, then Save As Draft, and go back to drafts where I can repin to my entire board list again.


Happy pinning!

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